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Petra Minx’s dream boats

Posted by Emma Cox on October 28, 2015 . 0 Comments

Petra Minx’s dream boats

Petra Minx loves the water and loves boats. As a Marine Unit Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, she is involved with vessels of various kinds on a daily basis. The boat she dreams of owning, as she tells her mentor Tom Gilmore in The Politician’s Daughter, is a “Lazzara 84 motor yacht … walk-around side-decks, 1,150-hp MTUs”. My preference would be for a Lazzara 76 from the mid-90s: a timeless design that to my mind outclasses the Lazzaras of the last decade with their predatory swooping windows.

In Dead Man’s Legacy, Petra climbs aboard Betty Graceby’s motor yacht Glorianaas soon as the boat docks and Captain James Freedy issues his rather rash invitation to show her around. Gloriana is a classic tri-deck Burger over 30 metres in length, but she’s only half as long and nowhere near as opulent as Titania, the megayacht used by Don...

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