marion leigh

"It's Minx, Petra Minx."

The Politician's Daughter

Marion Leigh

The Politician's Daughter is the first book in the Petra Minx series of adventure thrillers. Set in the Western Mediterranean, it features Canadian Marine Unit Sergeant Petra Minx who is called in to investigate when Emily Mortlake - the politician's daughter of the title - goes missing after taking a summer job aboard a megayacht.

As the action moves from Monte Carlo to Mallorca, then to the Costa del Sol and Morocco, Petra is drawn into the glamorous but dangerous world of Don León, the yacht's owner. Ruthless and charismatic, he exploits everyone and everything for his own ends.

Underpinning the story is the network of relationships Petra develops with a colourful cast of characters, in particular with Don León.

He is not simply a 'stage villain' but a complex character and Petra is both attracted and repulsed by many aspects of his personality. Throughout the novel, she struggles to maintain her integrity as a professional and as a woman.

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