marion leigh

"It's Minx, Petra Minx."

Dead Man's Legacy

Marion Leigh

Dead Man’s Legacy is the second book in the Petra Minx series of thrillers by Marion Leigh. This wide-ranging, fast-paced international adventure features the feisty Petra Minx, a sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Marine Unit.

Petra is ecstatic when her quirky boss, A.K., orders her to catch the next plane to the Bahamas to meet the legendary Betty Graceby, a retired Canadian singer and ex-Vegas dancer. The complaints Betty has been filing against her obnoxious grandson Ken have finally caught the attention of the authorities. But why the sudden interest?

Martin, an investigative journalist with a great nose for a story, has heard rumours of a new arts centre to be financed by an anonymous benefactor… and Betty’s fortune has tripled since the death of her husband, Joe LePinto, who was killed in a car driven by her smooth-talking son Cliff. So is money the key, and how far will the Graceby ‘boys’ go to secure their future?

As the action moves from the Bahamas to Las Vegas and on to the Great Lakes of North America, Petra develops a deep affection for Betty and her simple fact-finding mission becomes much more personal. She uncovers a viper’s nest of hatred, greed, treachery and lust and realizes that LePinto’s influence is as pervasive in death as it was in life. The dead man’s legacy is a weighty one...

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