marion leigh

"It's Minx, Petra Minx."

A Holiday To Die For

Marion Leigh

The dynamic duo from The Politician's Daughter, RCMP Marine Unit Sergeant Petra Minx and her Italian friend Carlo, who works for Interpol, return in another grand adventure. 

With some misgivings, Petra accompanies the mercurial Carlo to his cousin’s wedding in South Africa. The bait: a trip to Namibia and a safari in Etosha National Park. But other people are out there laying bait for unsuspecting young women.
Two teenage girls are attacked on their first night in Cape Town. When Petra discovers they have joined a tour to Namibia which includes volunteering in an African village and that her boss’s protégée, Vicky, has left her job at a local hotel to do community service, her antennae begin to quiver. Her suspicions grow when she meets the reluctant bride, Julia, her stepbrother Florian who uses his looks to entrap women, and the phony priest Father John. Petra is determined to find the girls and foil Florian’s diabolical plans for the future, but can she do it without ruining her holiday, her friendship with Carlo and perhaps her life?  

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