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"It's Minx, Petra Minx."

The Morning After The Night Before

Posted by Marion Leigh on December 28, 2016 . 0 Comments

In the run-up to Christmas and New Year this phrase might resonate more than usual if you’re feeling the after-effects of too much partying.

It’s also the title of a narrative poem written by Marion Leigh and illustrated by Manifesto Design. The poem is based on Marion’s favourite Christmas book, The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore.

In Marion’s house, it was traditional to read the Reverend Moore’s poem every Christmas Eve after hanging up stockings for Santa to fill and setting out a plate of mince pies and a glass of milk for him.

Marion’s poem uses the same rollicking rhythm as the original and is simply a bit of fun. Please enjoy it and take it easy this New Year's Eve! 

The Morning After The Night Before Christmas Poem