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Summer equals boating for Marion Leigh and Petra Minx

Posted by Marion Leigh on August 22, 2016 . 0 Comments

Summer is the season to get outdoors and indulge in your favourite pastime, whether it’s tennis, golf, cycling, hiking, or just relaxing in the garden with a good book. Marion Leigh, author of the Petra Minx adventure thrillers, spends the summer boating, a passion she shares with her feisty young protagonist Petra Minx.

Petra, a Marine Unit Sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, loves the water. In The Politician’s Daughter, she works with RCMP Liaison Officer, Tom Gilmore, to set up her cover before joining megayacht Titania as a hostess in a bid to find the missing Emily Mortlake. Not surprisingly, when Tom asks her for a code word, she picks her favourite boat, a Lazzara 84 motor yacht.

When Petra goes to the Bahamas in Dead Man’s Legacy to meet the legendary singer and dancer Betty Graceby, she is captivated by Betty’s classic 1969 Burger motor yacht – as well as Betty’s tow-headed captain James Freedy. But their romance has to remain on hold while Petra seeks to uncover the Graceby family’s darker secrets. 

1969 Burger yacht Marion Leigh

Petra’s own boat is a Seaswirl Striper named Petrushka. She is proud of the fact that she saved half the cost while her father gave her the rest before he died:

‘The Striper … was a fast, compact, hardtop cruiser … a good sea boat, great for fishing and easy for one person to handle. Today there was no need to test the boat’s capabilities: the surface of the lake was like glass. Petra began to whistle one of her father’s favourite songs. Two hours north, she ran into a bank of fog. She had seen it looming on the horizon well before she reached it. Now it was clinging to everything like wet dog hairs to a blanket.’  

If boats aren’t your bag, don’t worry! Petra Minx has many other assets and Marion Leigh’s intriguing novels will keep you turning the pages long after you should be doing other things.

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