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"It's Minx, Petra Minx."

Follow Petra Minx in Marion Leigh's latest thriller

Posted by Marion Leigh on December 15, 2019 . 0 Comments

When Marion Leigh started out as an author, one of her goals was to expose readers to some of the fantastic places she’d visited on her travels by sea and by land. In The Politician’s Daughter, she focussed on the jet-set aspects of Spain’s Costa del Sol and Morocco, complete with super cars, megayachts and belly-dancers. Then came Dead Man’s Legacy taking Petra from the sandy shores of the Bahamas to Las Vegas, the town that never sleeps, and into remote areas of North America’s Great Lakes. These settings are the backdrop for Leigh’s gripping plots that involve dysfunctional families and willful young women who fall foul of predatory men.  

In A Holiday to Die For, Petra Minx’s latest adventure, Leigh’s feisty young operative makes her first visit to Cape Town, South Africa. Despite being on vacation, she remains alert, trusts her instincts and doesn’t shirk her duty. When her gut tells her that young women are in trouble, she sacrifices her holiday with Carlo, and their sightseeing trip to Namibia turns into a fast-moving quest to save the girls. At each twist of the plot, Petra uses her training and her wits, including her feminine wiles, to turn the most dangerous situation to advantage.

Throughout Petra’s journey, the reader shares in her discovery of the delights of Southern Africa: its winelands, diamond mining areas, unique flora and fauna, culture, and the spectacular canyons, dunes and deserts of the ancient Gondwana continent.